Ranch Film Festival Mission Statement

To provide a venue for, to nurture and to promote story-telling in a plot and character-driven film format in which skydiving is the theme or at least has a presence.

The Ranch Film Festival is... 

 ...a venue for original plot and character-driven films in which skydiving is represented

The Ranch Film Festival is not...

...a venue for music video (edited video clips set to music).

Skydiving must be represented

Oh yes it must. A lot or a little. All or some. Quality of the skydive doesn’t matter. It could be flat-out horrible. Everything skydiving is equal. Tandem “Hi, Mom” or gold medal winning competition. Funneled exits or record-setting skydives. Wonderful swoops or Student Standard landings. Same thing. But each submitted film must represent skydiving in some manner. It does not have to be central to the story, but skydiving must make an appearance.

"Those who tell the stories rule the world." --Hopi American Indian proverb