The Ranch Film Festival is again excited, thrilled, over the moon about tagging along with the Great TSK Festival 2019! Look for us down by the pond on Friday, September 6.  We will start screening at approximately 8:00 P.M. Or something like that. Maybe. We'll see.

In the early days of RFF we were desperate for entries, for content for the event. As a result we were willing to accept anything. Anything. So we relaxed a little on the strictness of the guidelines. No more.

With the continued interest in and success of the RFF, we are getting the content. The RFF is growing.  We can now afford to disqualify entries which do not satisfy the Mission, purpose and guidelines of the RFF. Which we will. 

It is not a given that any film will be allowed into the Ranch Film Festival. Please read the entirety of and understand these RFF Guidelines before planning your entry. 

What RFF wants and doesn’t want. Full clarity.

First, what the RFF wants: The entire primary driving purpose, the motivation and intention of the Ranch Film Festival, is centered on story telling with a skydiving theme in film format. To more or less mimic the movie theatre experience. Or what it would be like to watch a movie on TV, say on a skydiving themed channel. 

Skydiving does not have to be central to the story in your film. But skydiving must be represented somehow. 

Second, what RFF does NOT want: No music videos, please. None. Don't try. Don't ask.

Also, see "Personal Note" below

Deadline for Entries

FIRM! Deadline for all entries is midnight (11:59 p.m.), Thursday, August 22, 2019. Firm! Please. We have judges who need time. We have plenty of work still to do. There will be no extensions allowed. Zip. Nada. Zero.  Please don't ask. FIRM!

Entry Fee


Yep, there is one. $20.00. Once we receive your submission you will be sent a PayPal invoice. Or pay in person when you see me (Kim) on the drop zone.

Prize Award Breakdown

Prizes are to be determined. There's a trophy and the slight possibility of cash for winners in the appropriate categories. Very slight possibility. RFF does not generate revenue and relies on entry fees and an angel for any cash flow and operating budget. But we try. Just don't bet the bank on winning cash. Might happen. Might not.

Respecting the Ranch Film Festival’s Mission, a graduated prize payout is in effect.

  1. Narrative Fiction 

  2. Documentary

  3. TV ad/PSA

Notice Of Intent

To give the Ranch Film Festival some idea of interest, please let us know that you intend to enter the 2019 Ranch Film Festival. Pretty much as soon as you know you're going to do something, drop us a line. Which category you are entering doesn't matter. How close you are to finishing doesn't matter. When you start doesn't matter All that matters is the fact that you intend to submit a film. Simply send an email to  

Narrative Fiction

Running time: eight minutes


This is essentially what we see when we watch a movie. It is not necessarily a true story, but it could be. There’s the standard beginning, middle and end format. There’s some sort of tale being told. Just scribble out an original script, gather up a few friends and tell us a story. Add some background ambient mood music. Make it a love story, a war story, a buddy story, a story of survival, a story of idiocy, a mystery, a comedy, a drama. This is also where a “mockumentary” would go.     


Running time: eight minutes 

Non-fiction. A real documentary. Maybe you want to tell a true story. Follow someone around for a few weeks or months and tell their story. A team? An individual? A cause? Follow your subject and watch it develop and take us along. Or tell a story that is already finished but as yet untold - or at least untold by you.   


Running time: two minutes

We’ve all seen them. Plenty of them. Quite possibly too many of them. All this is meant to be is a sales pitch for anything connected with skydiving. Sell me. Make me want it. I don’t even skydive but that 35 year old Sentinel AAD is a must have item. Take my money. Two whole minutes. One hundred and twenty seconds. 

Running Times

Each category’s description includes the running time limits. The total time per category includes credits. Credits are not allowed additional time. Please restrict your film to these times. RFF doesn’t really want to be flexible on this. Eight minutes equals 480 seconds. Not 481. Though there is a maximum running time allowance, there is no minimum. 

Originality is core and essential to the purpose and mission of the Ranch Film Festival. Greater originality in a film not only satisfies RFF's requirements, it will also simply favor the film maker's chances. Using any material that is not owned or created by the film-maker, or is not given with permission, can disqualify a film from winning the RFF. Please be certain you read and understand what we mean when we say we want it all to be original content. All. Original. 


 Original material must include but not be limited to: Script; Footage; Music

Any entry that uses material which is not owned or original or used with permission will be disqualified from winning.


Script: Don't steal, borrow, crib, lift or any other variation of not having written it yourself. Your ideas. Your script. Yours.


Footage: Again, yours. Everything. All of it. Either you held the camera or had a friend/assistant do it. But you're the one responsible for it. No clips from on-line. No archived footage. No Hollywood, no Bollywood, no Cinecittà. 

Music: Ok, so you're not a musician and can't create your own tunes. So don't. Who says you need music? Step away from the music-video mentality and consider ambient sound as opposed to music. 

There are exceptions. Music which is in the Public Domain. Recordings which are unlicensed, registered, copyrighted. Just be aware that even though Beethoven's 5th is 210 years old and is available to everyone, specific recordings by modern symphonies might not be so available. 

A note on originality: A word to the wise


Judges are directed to base their decisions subjectively. Essentially, if a judge likes a film for whatever reason they like it, there you go. But there are guidelines for the judges too. 

Judges are told to assure all entries follow the guidelines of the Ranch Film Festival as well as those for each category. Films can be disqualified for not following guidelines. So please read and be clear about each category’s intent. Be accurate when choosing a category for your entry. If RFF considers an entry to be mis-categorized it may be necessary to ask an entrant to re-consider their category selection. Or RFF could do the re-categorizing, to the entrant’s benefit. 

Also, does your film convey it’s intent? Do you accomplish what you set out and declared you would accomplish?

However, most judging is subjective. If it is meant to be a comedy, will we laugh? Is the comedy original or just tired old tropes? Will we be surprised or will we see it coming? If it’s a drama, are we taken in and intrigued? Does a thriller have us on the edge of our seats? Did the action/adventure film leave us breathless? 


Judges are being directed to think of themselves as a production/distribution company and to think of each entry’s director as someone who is trying to sell the judges on the film-maker’s capability to make money. They are hoping to sell the judges as producers/distributors on buying their services and talents. If their TV ad was also a pitch for their ability to create catchy and effective TV advertisement, would anyone hire this team to sell their product? 


While the Film Festival does not award prizes for those parts of movie-making which do so deservedly get recognition in the big movie world, such as Best Actor, Best Director, Best Film, Best Editing, Best Soundtrack and a host of others, judges are asked to have these in mind as they evaluate each entry. In general, which film works and which does not?


RFF entries should not have been uploaded to any public viewing forum including but not limited to You Tube, Vimeo, Facebook, Teem, Skydive The Ranch’s web site or any Facebook page unless requested by the RFF. The RFF must be the first public venue for viewing each entry. 

Your film cannot have been entered into any other film festival. What you do with it afterwards is up to you but if you're entering it in the Ranch Film Festival 2019, then the Ranch Film Festival 2019 must be the first place you enter it.   

RFF19 will want to use footage or clips from films entered as promotional tools for future events. By entering your film in the Ranch Film Festival 2019 you agree to let us use clips or still images from your films.  Thanks.


Enter as many films as you wish. Enter different categories or multiple in one category. Your choice. 

It's a wrap. It's in the can. I've completed my film. What's next?

First things first: Breathe. Relax. You did it!

You must include with your entry:
1) Your film's title  
2) Your film's category (Narrative Fiction; Documentary; TV ad/PSA)
3) Your name  

Once you have made your final edit, use Google Drive to share your film's folder with the Ranch Film Festival at

A personal note (small rant?) from RFF founder, creator, director, organizer, MC/host...

The Ranch Film Festival is an extension of my personal interests. I love movies and I love story telling. So I decided to create this film festival. The RFF is not a Ranch thing per se. It is a Kim thing. To that end I want the RFF to reflect my tastes as regards the nature of content.

I must lay down a little law. Please, no more of that damn sex doll. No more over the top lewd stuff. If you're not sure, ask me. Please don't just assume it's the Ranch where there are no rules so... Be prepared to be shut down. I don't mind adult level humor but I won't accept crude, lewd salacious stuff. 


I'm not going to go into my full reasoning for my decision in this web site. I don't have to, after all. All I will add is that if anyone has any strong objections to my restrictions, know that I don't own the concept of a film festival. Anyone is free to start their own. That's how I got started.