1. "I’ve had a great idea for using “Stairway To Heaven"  in a film. Can I? Whattya say? "

    How to put this delicately?  No. 

    Own it or have permission to use it. Any and all music must be, has to be, damn well ought to be if you want to win, original. As in you or a friend made it and no one else can lay claim to it or portions of it.  One exception: It isn’t yours but you have legit permission to use it. Like you have the letter from Jimmy Page’s lawyer saying, “yeah, mate, go for it.” 


2.  “This isn’t my first skydiving film festival and those others always allow music videos. Hot skydiving vids cut to shreds with teeth gnashing, brain-fry music. Great shit. Epic. Awesome, even. Well, I have tons of GoPro skydive footage and I make my own music. Cool? Good to go?"

    Negative, cowboy.  Nope. Not even close. RFF is not interested in music videos. Not remotely. Music videos should not be entered and none will be accepted.

3. “I made a film two years ago but never entered it in anything. Can I enter it in RFF19?"
      Sure, why not?


4. “I have a film idea that doesn’t fit any category. My idea is so epic/awesome there’s no way it can be lumped in with any common category. So I was wondering…can I enter it under different category? Like my own? Like, you know, one I make up?”

    Well, no. Have a close read of each category and pick the one which comes closest to matching your film. We can’t really allow individual categories if we want a competition. If we let you make up your own guess who’s going to win? Nice try.


5. “I’ve edited and I’ve re-edited. I’ve cut scenes till I bled. I’ve cried. I’ve screamed. I’ve damned the pious. I’ve “killed my babies” and moved on. But I’m still up to fifteen minutes. How’s that? That’s, like, cool with you, right”

   Yeah, it’s cool and all, but it’s still seven minutes too long. Keep cutting.  ✂︎ ✂︎ ✂︎ ✂︎ ✂︎ ✂︎ ✂︎ ✂︎ ✂︎ ✂︎ ✂︎


5a.“Ok, but what about credits? Can my film be eight minutes and, you know, it's just the credits that make it run longer?”

       Negative. Eight minutes is pretty much eight minutes. 

6. “Even though I’ve had more time and money than a Hollywood feature would, I’m running a tad over budget and behind schedule. Just like in Hollywood. It doesn’t appear the case that the RFF will move its date to accommodate me (you wouldn’t do that, right? Would you?) so I think I may not be able to enter this year."  

    Ok, relax. The biggest of the big producers and directors, your Hollywood role models, pretty much believe that a film maker can do re-writes all the way to the premiere. If you’ve done some filming and you have material, try to see what you can salvage. Try staying up late nights. Caffeine, amphetamines and cocaine all help. (This is not an endorsement for any illegal activity. Just to be clear.) Not entering is a guaranteed loss. Entering ups your chances. 


7. "Can I use older footage I have?"

     Sure. As long as you own it or have permission, you can use whatever footage you want. But refer again to the “Exclusivity” section on the What You Need To Know page.

8. "Can I use footage from other movies? Like clips or scenes from some hot-shit film I can't resist?"

       Uh uhNot even close